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How do I add/remove members to/from an Organization?

You can add new people immediately after creating your new Organization by clicking the “Invite Member” option in your Organization’s dashboard (found at Manage > Organizations > [Your organization’s name]), under the “Members” tab. The option also exists in the “Activity” tab; just click “Invite to Organization.”

If the user you’d like to invite already has a Flywheel account, just enter their name or email to search for them. Otherwise, just enter their email to send them an invite!

To remove a member, hit the ellipsis icon to the right of their name under the “Members” tab. (You can also bulk remove members by checking the boxes next to their names, then clicking the “Delete Selected” button at the top of the list.)

How do I add all of my Organization Members as collaborators at the same time?

If the site is owned by your Organization, then everyone in your Organization already has full access to the site using their own Flywheel user credentials. Hooray!

If the site is not owned by your Organization, you can just add your Organization as a Collaborator on the site. This will give everyone in your Organization access as a Collaborator, which means they’ll have full access to everything except billing.

Who should I add to my Organization?

All Organization members will have the ability to create new sites and use the Organization’s payment methods. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure to only add people you trust to make those decisions for your Organization. (Don’t worry – they can’t see your full credit card or PayPal information.)


If you still want people to have access to your sites but not to billing options, you may just want to add them as a Collaborator to individual sites, and not to your Organization. (This is often the best option for freelancers, clients, etc.)

Will Collaborators on my sites be automatically added to my Organization?

No, you’ll have to add collaborators to your organization individually. If you’d like this previous collaborator to have access to all your sites, add them as a member to your Org.  Our search tool makes it super easy to find them! Just keep in mind that every Organization member has the ability to add and remove sites, and to pay for them with the Organization’s payment methods. If you’d rather give somebody access to a site without full billing access, you’ll just add them again as a Collaborator instead.

Will Collaborators stay on after the site is owned by the Organization?

Yes! Everything stays the same except the ownership of the site, which will now be transferred to the Organization.

Will the sites I’m a Collaborator on be transferred into my Organization as well?

No, only sites you actually own can be transferred into the Organization. If you’d like everyone in the Organization to have access to those sites going forward, you can simply add the Organization itself as a Collaborator to the sites. This will give every Organization member access to every aspect of the site except the billing.

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