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How do I install a third-party SSL certificate with Flywheel?


The following instructions are for providing your own SSL certificate from a third-party provider. We are also able offer Simple SSL certificates for free.

Installing an existing SSL certificate with Flywheel is quick and painless – we take care of all of the heavy lifting for you! You’ll just need to purchase the SSL Add-On from your site’s Flywheel dashboard, and we can get the process started.


Before we can do this, you must first purchase your SSL certificate elsewhere. For information on purchasing SSL certificates, head here: Do you offer SSL certificates?

The process looks like this:


Enable SSL

In the Overview tab of the site’s Flywheel dashboard, click the “Enable SSL” link:


Select the bring my own option

After selecting which domain you’d like to cover with your third party SSL certificate, choose the option below Simple SSL. Note there is a $10/mo fee for third party certificate management.


Enter the details to create your Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

When you’re finished, the CSR will be automatically emailed to you.


Download the CSR from your email, and upload it to your SSL provider.

Follow the instructions provided by your SSL provider (Godaddy, InstantSSL, etc) and use our CSR file to generate the certificate file.


Send us back the resulting certificate file(s).

We’ll let you know when it’s installed.

Phew! It’s pretty straightforward actually.


When generating your certificate, the provider may ask for a server type. Flywheel runs NGINX servers, so choose that option if it’s available. If not, Apache + OpenSSL works as well.

You should then be instructed how you can download the .zip file containing your certificate. You can send the certificate to Flywheel support via our contact form. Once we have the certificate, we will install it and let you know when it’s all set up.

Confused? No worries! Contact Flywheel support and we’d be happy to walk you through everything.

Here is some more information on the fields we collect to generate your CSR:

Domain Name The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that clients will use to reach your server. To secure, your domain name must be or * if you’re using a wildcard certificate.
Organization Name The exact legal name of your organization. Example: “Acme, Inc.” Less commonly, if you do not have a legal registered organization name, you should enter your own full name here.
Department Name (optional) Many people leave this field blank. This is the department within your organization which you want to appear in the certificate. Common examples: Web Administration, Marketing, or N/A.
City The city where your organization is legally located.
State/Province The state or province where your organization is legally located.
Country The country where your organization is legally located.
Email Your email address.

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