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Moving Your Site to Flywheel

Updated on April 21st, 2020

Our support team would be happy to move your site for you, for free!


If you’re a rugged individualist who pulls themselves forward in life one bootstrap at a time, we’ve got a guide for you on how to manually migrate your own site.

DIY Migration

For everybody else, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax and let one of our experts move things over for you.


Submit a new migration

Our migration form can be found at app.getflywheel.com/migration. Once logged in, you’ll be ready to get things started!


There are a couple other ways to navigate to the migration request form, so let’s look at both ways to get there from inside the app.

Option 1: Create a new site

Click the Create a new site link on your dashboard.

Select the Migrate My Site on the right side of the form

Option 2: Begin a migration

Log in and scroll to the bottom of your Flywheel dashboard.

Click the link to Begin A Migration.


Select your type of migration

Depending on your current hosting setup and level of preparation, pick the right migration type for you.

Migration Types

Here’s a quick description of your options:

Standard: For 90% of our customers, this is going to be your option. This is for users with a WordPress site running on another hosting provider’s server.

Zip Upload: If you’re super awesome and already have your files and database downloaded onto your computer, you can zip them up and send them to us.  We’ll get things unpacked and configured for Flywheel.

WP Engine: If you’re currently being hosted on WP Engine, we have a special workflow for moving over these sites. We’ll ask you for your WP Engine login credentials so we can get things packed up and moved over for you.

WordPress.com: This option is for users who use WordPress.com for hosting. Please note this is different than running the WordPress software on a different host. If you are unsure if your site is currently hosted on wordpress.com, see our note below.


WordPress the platform vs. WordPress the host:

It’s super easy to mix up WordPress the platform and wordpress.com, the host.

WordPress the platform is open source software that can be run on a variety of different servers. This is what Flywheel offers.

WordPress.com, the host, on the other hand, is a company that provides hosting services. Their version of the WordPress content management system is different in a few key ways. You are limited to using plugins and themes in their repository and your only means of access to your files is through a browser interface (rather than SFTP).

A note on WordPress.com migrations:

Due to the key differences between sites hosted on WordPress.com and WordPress sites hosted elsewhere, a large number of themes and plugins that work on one platform will not work on the other.

When we migrate your site from WordPress.com, we’ll make sure all your posts, pages, and media come over.

There is a high likelihood that your site will look somewhat altered after the move. The good news is that many of the plugins and themes found on WordPress.com have counterparts for WordPress installs on other hosts. A quick search under Appearance>Themes or Plugins will likely help recreate some of your structure from your original site.


Share your WordPress login information

Every migration type will ask you for your WordPress admin login credentials.

WordPress Credentials - Migration Form

This is the username and password that you currently use to log in to your website to make content or style changes.


Share other login information

For all migration types except WordPress.com migrations, we will ask you for login information for your current host and SFTP/FTP. Share what you have.

Since every migration is unique,  the more methods of access to your site’s data we have, the better chance we have of moving your site over if one migration method doesn’t seem to work.


Flywheel takes your site’s security very seriously. Upon submission, data on this form is encrypted and hidden.  Only our migration specialists can view it when they’re working on your site.

Give it a home on Flywheel

Up next, we’ll ask you some information that relates to your current Flywheel account.

Migration - Give it a Home on Flywheel

1. If you’ve already created a WordPress site on Flywheel that you want to replace on Flywheel, tell us here and we’ll make sure we know where to move your site.

2. If you have purchased a plan with multiple WordPress installs on Flywheel and haven’t yet filled it to capacity, we’ll ask you here if you’d like us to add this site to that plan.

3. If you belong to an Organization, you can set who will be the owner of this site: you or your organization.

4. Tell us where on planet earth you’d like your site to reside and we’ll move your site over to that data center.

5. Finally, give us a picture of how much traffic this site will get. We want to make sure we have you on the right hardware for your site’s needs.


Tell us more

Have some files in the root of your WordPress install that you want to make sure we grab? Are there some database tables we should ignore?

Just let us know if there is anything else special about this migration that we should take into consideration. Consider it done!


Send your request our way

After hitting submit on the form, one of our migration specialists (yep, a real human being!) will get your site moved over ASAP. This usually takes between one and three business days.

If time is of the essence, we do have an expedited migration option for you on the form that will have your site moved in under eight business hours.


Review your migrated site and take it live

Once our team has wrapped up your migration, we’ll shoot you an email asking you to review.

Give the site a thorough look-over and make sure everything you need is there and let our agents know if anything needs some extra attention. If all is well and you’re ready to go live, follow our simple guide.

Now you’re ready to sit back, relax and enjoy your blazing-fast site on Flywheel.

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