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Creating A New Site on Flywheel

Updated on January 29th, 2020


This document is for creating a new blank WordPress install on Flywheel. If you’re looking to move over an existing site from another host, Flywheel will migrate your site – for free! Simply fill out our secure migration request form with some details about your previous hosting account and our team will be happy to move your site for you.

Log in & click the create a new site button

You can easily create a site by clicking the “Create a Site” button in the upper right corner of your dashboard homepage.

This will take you to the “Select a plan or create a demo” page.  


Select a plan or create a demo

If you would like to create a demo instead of selecting a plan, simply scroll down and select “Create Demo Site” as shown below.

If you would like to create a demo instead of selecting a plan, you can scroll down and select “Create Demo Site” as shown below.

If you already have a plan on your account and wish to add the new site to that plan, here is where you can select the plan you would like to add it to. You still have the option to create a new plan or create a demo.


Fill in the new site form

After you selected a plan or selected to create a demo, you should now be on the “Enter site details” page, you’re just seconds away from spinning up a new, fly, WordPress site! 

Fields to complete on this form:

Site Owner – this field will likely default to your user account.  However, if you’ve set up an organization in our app and want this site to belong to your team, you will want to select that organization from the drop-down.

Site Name – this will be your site’s name both in Flywheel app as well inside WordPress. You can easily change both later.

Temporary Domain – you may leave this blank if you would like us to randomly generate a temp domain, or you can type in your own if you would like

WordPress admin username – this is the username you will use when logging into the WP admin page for the new site. It has no relationship with your Flywheel username. The two are separate.

WordPress admin password – this is the password you will use when logging into the WP admin page. Like the username, this password doesn’t change anything about your Flywheel account. They are two different systems.

Blueprint – if you have a Blueprint already created and would like to use it as a template for this new site you can select it here.


Sit back and relax

Once you hit the “Create (or demo) Site” button, It will magically generate on one of our servers and appear in your Flywheel Dashboard when it is ready!


Optional: Treat yourself to a root beer float

Scoop two heaping helpings of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass. Slowly pour root beer into the glass.


Be sure to give the foam time to rise and then fall before you continue adding more root beer. In the event that you pour a little too fast, don’t worry! You just get to sip on your float a few seconds sooner!


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