Growth Suite: Client Portal

Updated on July 28th, 2022

Growth Suite’s Client Portal is where your clients can securely make payments, view invoices, update their payment methods, and contact your agency.

The portal features your logo and agency colors throughout, providing a consistent and professional experience for your clients.

There are six main areas of the portal: Account creation, Active Invoices, Billing history, Reports, Contact, and the Dropdown menu.

What does the client portal look like?

This section will show how a client views their portal within Growth Suite. The screenshots below give an example of what your branding and color choices will look like to your clients.

Account creation and invoice payment

Here your clients can create their profile and pay their first invoice.

Active invoices

Your clients can view invoices for currently active services here.

Billing history

This page contains your client’s invoices and payment history. Prior invoices can be downloaded at any time.


Your client can view the entire history of Client Reports for each of their sites. Haven’t set up these free reports for your client yet? Learn more.

Contact support

Clicking this button will connect your client with your agency for support.

Your clients can view their profile, update their payment methods or sign out by clicking on their user icon.


Take a look at what the client sees in an email in this help doc!

Shadowing the Client Portal

To help you aid your clients as they use the portal, Flywheel offers the ability to “shadow” (or preview) their portal. Shadow Mode allows you to browse and view the portal exactly as your client sees it, and even make certain changes (not billing) on their behalf.

We hope this level of transparency keeps you in the loop, increases your understanding of the client experience, and helps you speak knowledgeably about the Client Portal.

From the Client page, click the Go to client portal link found below the client’s name.

Browsing the Client Portal

Once you’re in the portal, you will see a green frame around the content area. This is to remind you that you’re in Shadow Mode. Keep in mind as you browse that any changes you make will be saved.

You can exit the portal view by clicking the Return to Flywheel button in the top right corner of the frame.

Limitations when Shadowing

There are a few actions locked down within the portal, specifically around payments. When shadowing a client you cannot accept invoices or submit payments. These actions can only be approved and completed by your client.

Check out our Client Portal video:

Still need help?

If you have any questions get in touch with your Account Manager or reach out to Flywheel’s support team, we’d love to help!

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