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How do I secure a secondary domain with Simple SSL?

Flywheel’s Simple SSL through Let’s Encrypt™ is a great way to cover the primary domain on a site with a free SSL certificate! However, one limitation of Simple SSL is that it can’t cover any secondary domains.

This can be an issue if you have a secondary domain that redirects to the primary domain, since users who try to connect to a secondary domain using HTTPS will see a security error instead of being redirected properly. That’s no good for anyone.

There’s good news, though: you can get around this limitation using Cloudflare, and specifically, Cloudflare’s free Flexible SSL.

Just follow our guide to getting set up with Cloudflare on Flywheel for your secondary domain.


If you have multiple secondary domains, you’ll need to set up Cloudflare for each of them individually.

Once the domain is successfully routing through Cloudflare, you can enable Flexible SSL from the Crypto tab of the site’s Cloudflare dashboard (if it’s not already active). That will allow HTTPS connections on the secondary domain, which will then successfully redirect to the primary domain of your Flywheel site!

Activate Flexible SSL if it isn't already activated to allow the domain to connect over HTTPS



Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL isn’t full “end-to-end” encryption, which means that only communication between the client and Cloudflare is actually encrypted. Flexible SSL isn’t a full substitution for an SSL certificate installed on the site, whether that’s our Simple SSL or a certificate purchased from a third-party SSL provider. Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL works great for secondary domains, but we still recommend having an SSL certificate installed for the primary domain.


Some Cloudflare settings can cause issues on Flywheel in certain cases. See the note at the end of this help article for more details.

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