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How do I set up my DNS?

Updated on August 12th, 2020

To get started, navigate to the website of the Domain Name System – or DNS – service associated with your domain.

The DNS editor is like a spreadsheet which tells incoming visitors where to go for things like web traffic and email.

So in cases like this where you have a new site on a new Flywheel server, we need to tell this system to start pointing your domain in a new direction.


For most Flywheel customers, your DNS will be managed by your domain registrar – the place where you purchased the domain. For a small portion of our customers who edited nameserver records for their domain in the past, DNS may actually be managed elsewhere. For more information about nameservers and Flywheel, see the help article: What are Flywheel’s name servers?

To set your DNS to point to Flywheel, we recommend the following settings for domains where both the root domain ( and the www version of that domain are going to point at the same site on Flywheel.

DomainDNS Record TypeValue
example.comA recordYour Flywheel site IP address


Some registrars may use placeholder symbols to represent parts of DNS. Here is a quick cheat-sheet of these symbols and what they mean in some DNS editors:

@This represents the root version of your domain. In our example above, @ would be a placeholder for without any subdomain or www before it.

*This is a wildcard record. It means that it doesn’t matter what subdomain you type into your browser(,, All are going to be directed by this * value.

star record meaning

Additionally, some registrars do not require you to type in the entire domain for every field. For most, simply typing in www in the name field will mean you are creating a subdomain that is actually

You can alternatively create the domain as an A record pointed at your Flywheel site IP address. Creating the CNAME simply makes it easier to change, as there should only be one A record value to change and the CNAME will follow along.


It is critical that you do not change other values within your DNS settings. Doing so can break things with your setup, most notably email.

If you’d like to make sure you’ve got everything set up correctly, you can use our Flywheel DNS Health Checker! DNS propagation can take some time, depending on your TTL settings inside DNS, so if you aren’t seeing any change right away, don’t panic; it may take several minutes. But our DNS Health Checker will help you identify if your domain’s DNS settings are properly configured to point to your site on Flywheel, and that you’ve got everything ready to go on our end, too!


It is important that you tell your site what its new domain is going to be via the Flywheel app. This allows our servers to recognize incoming traffic from your domain and direct it to the correct site. Here are our instructions on how to take a site live on Flywheel.

DNS can be confusing, and nobody wants to break their site. If you have questions about DNS, Flywheel support is more than happy to help. Our experts will walk you through it, and help to make sense of the confusing world that is DNS. Just grab a screenshot of your current settings and shoot us a message.

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