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I made changes during my migration. Now what?

Migrations through Flywheel aren’t instant, and sometimes changes need to be made in between the time we migrate the content and when you go live on Flywheel. The good news is that it only takes a few steps to get your updates moved over to your Flywheel server!


The below steps apply to standard hosted WordPress sites. If this is a site, all you need to do is head to Tools > Export to get an .xml file of your content, then log in to the Flywheel site and use Tools > Import > WordPress to upload the file.


The automatic way:

For the simplest experience refreshing the content on your Flywheel site, follow the directions in our guide to migrating a site to Flywheel from another host.

This uses the Migrate Guru plugin to automatically pull the live site’s content over to Flywheel, and as a bonus, if the site was originally migrated using the Migrate Guru plugin, only changed files will need to be moved. Pretty sweet!

However, every site is different, and sometimes you might need more granular control over the content refresh. If that’s the case, follow the directions below.


The manual way:


Move any new uploads over to your Flywheel site

Move new uploads to your Flywheel server by transferring them via SFTP. Log in to your SFTP client and open both your Flywheel site’s uploads folder and your old hosting site’s uploads folder, then sort files by date. This will allow you to see which files you have added since we moved them over and you can easily begin moving them to the Flywheel Server.

Screenshot 2015-06-30 16.26.09


Export the SQL database from your old site

Once all the files have been added you will want to export your database. Login to phpMyAdmin and export your SQL database. You can also download the plugin Backwpup and use it to create a backup of your database.

Screenshot 2015-06-30 16.28.07


Import your SQL database onto your new Flywheel site

Log in to your Flywheel site’s Dashboard and go to the Advanced tab. Open up your Database Manager and export a copy of your current database as a precaution. Then drop ALL of your Database tables.

Select the Import tab and upload your SQL database file using the file upload tool.

SQL Import in the Flywheel App

That’s it! Now your changes should all be reflected on your Flywheel Site.

If you run into any issues, contact our support team who will be eager to help you out!

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