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Pointing domains to Flywheel from GoDaddy

Flywheel provides each site with a dedicated IP address which can be used to point a domain to. This is useful if you own, say,, and would like it to resolve to a Flywheel site.



Add the domain to your Flywheel site and note the IP address


Under the Domains panel in the Flywheel site overview, add the domain you’d like to point to Flywheel. Set the domain to primary. Our system will automatically perform a series searches for the old domain, replacing them with the new domain. All non-primary domains will also be set up with a 301 redirect to the primary domain.

GoDaddy DNS - Add A Domain Flywheel



Take note of the IP address that Flywheel provides you. In this example, it is Your IP address will be a different set of numbers.

Access GoDaddy's DNS control panel


Once logged into GoDaddy’s administration panel, use the “Domains” menu drop down to navigate to your domains.

 GoDaddy DNS - Manage Domains
Find the domain you wish to point to Flywheel.

Click the DNS button.

GoDaddy DNS - DNS Highlight


There’s a good chance you’ll see several records in here, especially if your domain has been pointed at a different service. For now, we’re just going to be concerned with the A Name record described below since it’s the record responsible for pointing your domain to your website. Be careful about modifying or deleting any other records – especially MX records, which are responsible for email. Also, it never hurts to take a screenshot before you start making changes.



Replace the A Name DNS record associated with the domain

First, select the A Name record that currently exists. Click on the Edit icon (looks like a pencil) to edit the record.

GoDaddy DNS - A Record Highlight

Then edit this A Name record with the @ symbol as Host and your Flywheel IP address in the Points to field.

GoDaddy DNS - A Record Edit

Click Save when finished.

Unless you have a subdomain setup like, you should likely only need one A Record value. At the very least, make sure that you only have one A record with @ set as the host and that this host is pointing to your Flywheel IP address.


We recommend you also set a CNAME record in your zone file to allow use of the www prefix. GoDaddy should do this automatically, but if your zone file does not look like the one below, add a CNAME record for www so it matches.

GoDaddy DNS - CNAME Record Edit



Verify that the record is in place and save changes

Check to make sure the record change has been updated and points to your site’s Flywheel IP address. These values are saved on a record by record basis, so you’re likely done at this stage. Good job!



DNS by nature can take 24-48 hours to fully propagate, though we generally see much quicker propagation. If you see anything out of the ordinary during that time it’s best to clear your browser cache and cookies, and restart your computer to clear your operating system DNS cache.

Your domain should now be pointing to your Flywheel site.
If you get stuck, or your changes aren’t working, we’d love to help! Message us with a screenshot of your current DNS records or provide us with your current registrar login for assistance.


For those who are technically minded/curious, in some DNS zone record control panels, the @ symbol denotes the bare domain, or a domain without a prefix such as email. or www.
It should also be noted that the @ symbol isn’t supported by every DNS control panel, or is supported in different ways, so be careful when using it.

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