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Updated on August 17th, 2022

Growth Suite’s Bulk Site Management tools collect the most important information about your sites in one place on the Flywheel dashboard – including SSL status, plugin updates, WP and PHP versions, Flywheel and Google Analytics stats, and more. Equipped with this information, it’s easy to make decisions and take action to ensure your sites are performing at their best!

Accessing Bulk Site Management tools

In the Flywheel main menu, click Sites.


To access these tools, the account you’re logged into must be affiliated with at least one site on a Growth Suite plan. Otherwise, you’ll see the standard Sites page.

All Sites

All Sites is the default view that appears when you click Sites in the main menu.

This view is identical to the standard Flywheel Sites page. All your sites are listed in this view, whether on a Growth Suite plan or not. Use keywords to search your sites, or filter them based on a number of criteria.

Growth Suite Sites

Growth Suite Sites displays information about sites you manage that are on a Growth Suite plan. Sites on regular Flywheel plans won’t show up in this dashboard.

There are three views available: Stats, Plugins, and Site Options.
Just as in the All Sites view, you can use keywords to search your sites or filter them.


The Stats tab displays Google Analytics data (if your Google account is connected to Flywheel) and plan usage information. Some plan usage information may not be available for WP Engine hosted sites.

Google Analytics view


You must have at least one site connected to Google Analytics for this section to appear.

Google Analytics view displays top metrics for your sites directly from Google Analytics. You can sort each column and view data by total value or percentage. Use the dropdown in the corner to view data from yesterday, last week, last month, last 3 months, or last 6 months.

Plan Usage view

This view displays Flywheel stats such as visits, bandwidth, and storage for each of your sites, and is updated every 24 hours. This view is not yet available on WP Engine hosted sites. You can sort these columns to quickly see which of your sites has the most visits, or which sites are using the most storage. Use the dropdown in the corner to view data from the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days.


The Plugins tab offers two views – Plugins and Sites.

Plugins view

Plugins view displays every plugin installed across all your sites in a sortable list.

  • Plugin name
  • Installed On: The number of sites a plugin is installed on.
    • Clicking this row reveals a list of the individual sites the plugin appears on as well as active and update statuses.
    • Clicking the site name will redirect you to the site’s dashboard, and clicking the domain will take you to the site.
  • Active/Inactive: The number of sites where the plugin is active.
  • Status: The number of sites where an update for this plugin is available.
  • Security Issues: The number of vulnerabilities detected. WP Engine hosted sites do not yet have the option to pull vulnerability information.

Click Filter Plugins to filter your plugins list by Update and/or Active status.

Sites view

Sites view displays a site list with plugin info pertaining to that site.

  • Site name & Domain: Clicking the site name will redirect you to the site’s dashboard, and clicking the domain will take you to the site.
  • Plugins Installed: The number of plugins installed on the site.
    • Clicking this row displays a list of installed plugins individually as well as active and update statuses.
  • Active/Inactive: The number of active plugins on the site.
  • Status: The number of plugin updates available.
  • Security Issues: The number of vulnerabilities detected. WP Engine hosted sites do not yet have the option to pull vulnerability information.

Managed Plugin Updates

If you have sites enrolled in Managed Plugin Updates, your Plugins tab will contain additional information about plugin updates for those sites. As above, you can view this information by Plugin or by Site.

Site Options

The Site Options tab displays other useful information about your sites.

  • Dev Mode: Enabled or Disabled
    • Flywheel’s Development Mode bypasses all server caching. Since Flywheel leverages caching to make your sites super speedy, this mode should only be enabled when developing a site.
  • Staging: Enabled or Disabled
    • Flywheel’s staging feature provides a fully featured environment that allows you to test out site changes or updates without affecting your production site.
  • WordPress Version: Version number
  • PHP Version: Version number
  • SSL: Enabled, Not Secure, or Needs Attention.
    • Enabled: The primary SSL certificate is enabled on at least one domain. If there are multiple domains covered by the primary certificate, you can check the status of each domain on that site’s dashboard.
    • Not Secure: There is no primary certificate enabled for any domain associated with your site. Click the site name to view the site’s dashboard, where you can enable SSL.
    • Needs Attention: There are various SSL states that may need your attention. To view any specific errors and how you should proceed, click on the specific site name to be redirected to the site’s dashboard where you will be instructed on the best next steps to resolve.


If you have any questions about Bulk Site Management tools, reach out to your Account Manager or Flywheel support.

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