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How to migrate your site to Flywheel using Flywheel Migrations

Updated on July 12th, 2021

One question we get a lot is, “Can I migrate my site to Flywheel myself?” and the answer is yes! We’d love to move your site over to Flywheel for free, but if you are the do-it-yourself type, this article is for you.


This guide covers migrating a site to Flywheel from another host or any live server (including an existing Flywheel site) using our plugin Flywheel Migrations.

If your site exists solely on your local machine, we suggest migrating your site using the free plugin BackWPup.

If you’d prefer not to use a plugin, or you have your site files ready to go and just need to import them to Flywheel, we recommend migrating your site to Flywheel manually.

Table of Contents:

1. Install and launch Flywheel Migrations
2. Enter your email address
3. Create a Flywheel site for your migration
4. Enter your Flywheel site’s dashboard URL
5. Enter your Flywheel site’s URL
6. Enter your Flywheel username and password
7. Enter Privacy Mode credentials
8. Enter optional information
9. Click the Migrate button
10. Review your migrated site
11. Take your migrated site live

Install and launch Flywheel Migrations

  1. Log into your current site at your current host, and head over to Plugins > Add New.
  2. In the search field on the plugin install screen, enter “Flywheel Migrations” and you should see the result shown below. Click Install Now.
    Search for Flywheel Migrations on the plugin installation screen, and install the plugin
  3. Once installed, head back to your WordPress dashboard and click the Flywheel button on the left sidebar.


In certain situations, you may want to download Flywheel Migrations directly as a .zip file from the repository here and install it by uploading it through WordPress. You could also upload it manually via SFTP if you’re on Flywheel already, or if your current host provides this access.

Enter your email address

  1. Type in your email address, check the  Terms & Conditions box and select Get Started. This allows Flywheel Migrations to send out handy status updates.

Create a Flywheel site for your migration

If you already have a Flywheel destination site for your migration, you can skip this step.

  1. Log in to your Flywheel account, then click the Create a New Site button in your dashboard.
  2. Fill out the site creation form and within a few minutes your new Flywheel site will be ready! You can create a fresh new site, add one to an existing plan, or even spin up a demo site by clicking Create a Demo Site.
  3. You can proceed as soon as you see the new site’s dashboard. We’ll need to grab some information from this new site as we go, so keep a tab with your Flywheel dashboard handy.

Enter your Dashboard URL

  1. Navigate to your Flywheel site’s dashboard.
  2. Copy the URL from the address bar.
  3. Paste the URL into the form.


To migrate into your Flywheel site’s Staging environment, append _staging to the end of the Dashboard URL.

Enter your Flywheel site’s URL

  1. Unless you’ve changed your primary domain already, this is the temporary domain assigned to your Flywheel site. This domain generally ends in
  2. If you are migrating into a Staging environment, you will use the URL ending in You can reference all these URLs on your Flywheel dashboard.


You may need to add https:// to the beginning of the URL. For example, if there are plugins installed that force loading via HTTPS.

Enter your Flywheel username and password

This will be the same username and password that you use to log into Flywheel. Note, this may be different than the WordPress username and password for your site!

Enter Privacy Mode credentials

Not sure if your Flywheel site has Privacy Mode enabled? Over on the site’s Overview tab on the Flywheel dashboard, you’ll see the Privacy Mode box on the right sidebar. If this is currently set to “On” (all Demo Sites have this on by default), you will want to copy the username and password credentials over to Flywheel Migrations.

Enter optional information

If you’d like to migrate files outside of the wp-content folder, or if your source site is password protected, choose the relevant options.


Before moving on, please note that this process will take the destination Flywheel site offline temporarily and will completely replace all the content with that of the source site. If this is a brand new site, then no worries! However, if you are replacing customized content, it might not hurt to initiate a backup on that site, in case you need to roll back.

Click the migrate button

You can now sit back and relax while our Fly robots migrate your site! Progress can be monitored on the next screen, or you can close the page and wait for the completion email to be sent to your inbox.

Review your migrated site

Once the migration has wrapped up, click through the destination Flywheel-hosted site and make sure those robots moved everything over ok. If anything is amiss, get in touch via chat or support ticket, or undo it all by restoring from a backup.

Take your migrated site live

When you’re ready to take your site live, follow this nifty guide to point your domain to your newly migrated site on Flywheel!

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