Google Analytics Add-on: FAQ

Updated on February 15th, 2023

Have questions about the Google Analytics Add-on? You’ve come to the right place!

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful data tracking tool for website owners who want to improve their content marketing strategies, gain a better understanding of their audience, and optimize their conversion rates.

In short, having insights into your website’s performance and the visitors’ behavior can help you make better decisions when growing a website.

What is the Google Analytics Add-on?

We’ve combined the powerful insights from Google Analytics with Flywheel’s easy-to-use dashboard so you’ll have all the information you need for site management and growth in one single place.

Our nifty Add-on combs through all the data and displays it all in an informative, beautifully designed view you’ve come to know from Flywheel!

How do I enable this Add-on?

This fine help article will guide you through the steps to get the Google Analytics Add-on up and running!

How many Google Analytics accounts can be associated with the Add-on?

As long as you have the login credentials for an account, you can connect it!

Will you help me set up my Google Analytics account?

While we fully support this Add-on and the integration between Flywheel and Google Analytics, Flywheel does not provide assistance with Google Analytics itself. In that case, we’d suggest reaching out to a web developer or SEO expert, or visiting Google’s Analytics help center.

That said, if you’re not sure if a specific issue is covered by Flywheel support, always feel free to ask!

Can I pick and choose which sites I want to connect to Flywheel?

Yep! When you tie your Google account to this Add-on, you’ll be asked to select which sites you want to enable.

Keep in mind, that Flywheel only imports data for sites on our platform, so if you have Google Analytics properties set up with a different host, those sites won’t be available to connect to Flywheel.

How do I add or remove sites down the road?

This help article will walk you through the process of adding or removing sites step-by-step!

How does Flywheel collect information from Google Analytics?

Flywheel has read-only access to Google Analytics to pull the key data on site performance, traffic, top-performing pages, devices, and conversions.

What data from Google Analytics will Flywheel display?

Total sessions, New users, Returning users, Average engagement on site, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, Page visits, Traffic sources, and Top Performing Events.

For further explanation of these data points, check out this help article.

How often does the Google Analytics data refresh?

Data typically refreshes every 24-48 hours.

Flywheel site visits don’t match what Google Analytics is showing. Why are they different?

Great question! The short answer is this: Flywheel and Google have different definitions of what a “visit” is, so the visit counts don’t match. For a more in-depth explanation, check out this help article:

What are the advantages of having this data in the Flywheel dashboard vs keeping it separate?

If you’re already on the Flywheel dashboard managing your sites, it’s much more convenient to head over to the site’s Stats tab and see the wonderful Google Analytics data than logging into and navigating a separate dashboard.

Secondly, the Flywheel dashboard looks great and makes Google Analytics data a bit easier to comprehend.

I’m a Growth Suite customer, does Google Analytics Add-on provide me any unique features?

Yes! There’s a huge benefit if you own a Growth Suite plan. Google Analytics data available in Flywheel can be added to a Client Report.

You’ll be able to provide Google Analytics insights, along with other important information, to your clients in beautiful agency-branded recurring reports that are automatically delivered. You can even pick and choose which metrics you want to include!

Can collaborators and organization members see the Google Analytics data for a site?

All collaborators, site owners, and members of an organization can see the Google Analytics data once the add-on has been enabled for a site.

Can collaborators and organization members enable this Add-on for a site I own?

Only site owners and members of an organization can enable the connection. Collaborators should request the site’s owner or member of an organization set up the connection.

I want to view the Flywheel Plan Usage for my site (Flywheel’s classic stats view), how do I find that?

Don’t worry, it’s still on the Stats tab! Select the Plan Usage option in the left sidebar to view Flywheel usage data, such as disk usage and visits. 

How does this Add-on differ from the Performance Insights Add-on?

Performance Insights focuses on site-specific performance metrics such as load time, time to first byte, and amount of network requests. Based on those metrics, Flywheel identifies areas where improvements can be made and offers recommendations on how to tackle them.

Google Analytics helps site owners focus on their content marketing strategies, gain a better understanding of their audience, and optimize their conversion rates. Equipped with insights into their website’s performance and visitors’ behaviors, it’s easier to make data-informed decisions to help grow your website.

In fact, these two Add-ons are great tastes that taste great together!

Need help?

If you have any questions our Happiness Engineers are here to help!

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