A day in the life of our super sales team

A day in the life of our super sales team

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They’re chatty, they’re cool under pressure, and they’re as friendly as it gets – meet the sales team!

This cheerful group is always having a blast. They exude helpfulness from head to toe, and are constantly seeking opportunities to share their love of Flywheel with others. From cold-calling extravaganzas to mid-week field trips to coworking spaces, this tight-knit crew loves to switch things up.

Want to see what a typical day looks like from their point of view? Here’s a glimpse of a typical day in the life of our brilliant sales team!

9:00 a.m – Nathan cracks open a La Croix and checks HubSpot for his daily assignments. We use HubSpot to manage our leads and activities.


9:15 a.m – Jessica makes a few phone calls to prospective and current customers. She’s always careful to check the timezone of the person she’s calling, however, to make sure they’re actually awake and in their office. After all, the best way to start the day is with good conversation!


10:00 a.m. – Donovan is following up with customers and leads, too, and boy does he love to chat! He loves discovering random things that he has in common with people and making new connections. Donovan also loves chocolate milk, which is why his desk sports a giant chocolate milk jug.


11:00 a.m. – Clicking away, Nathan goes through the Flywheel Admin page and enables features for clients. This is where we keep each customer’s account nice and neat, ensuring everyone can experience the full benefit of being a Flywheel customer through features like staging and group migrations. Nathan is also usually the first member of the sales team to check the score of the Cubs game or tune into the big screen TV when the Manchester United soccer team takes the field. He keeps the rest of the team in the loop!


12:00 p.m. – Before heading to lunch, Zane checks in on a few of his bigger clients to ensure they have all the tools and information they need. He’ll also catch up with agencies and designers that have questions about Flywheel as they themselves are on their lunch break.

1:00 p.m. – Jessica closes a sale and types “ring the bell” into the sales team Slack channel, triggering a celebratory gif to pop up. Celebratory lunches are another way these Flywheelers like to acknowledge a job well done!


2:00 p.m. – The sales team works closely with the marketing department, so Nathan and Jessica share their feedback with Jamie (the marketing team lead) about how specific marketing efforts are generating leads and what they can do to improve the process. This conversation helps the marketing department understand where to focus their energy, and what kinds of campaigns are most effective for driving sales.  


3:00 p.m. – Time for a little break. Donovan walks over to the support department and checks on how malware is going with Derek. He also grabs a cup of iced Toddy and loads it with cream and sugar, waiting for Aaron from the support team to tell him it’s the same thing as chocolate milk.

4:00 p.m. – As the day winds down, the members of our sales team can be seen scootering around the office while chatting away on their phones.

This is what a day in the life of our sales team looks like! Stay tuned for more of Flywheel’s department adventures. Cheers!