Announcing the Flywheel seed funding

Announcing the Flywheel seed funding

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Today we’re excited to announce that earlier this summer we closed on a seed round of funding from a pretty amazing group of investors. The $1.2M round was led by long-time Flywheel supporters Linseed Capital, with major participation from the Nebraska Angels, Ludlow Ventures out of Detroit, Lightbank and Hyde Park Venture Partners out of Chicago, and Rose Paul Ventures out of NYC. It’s hard to imagine a group of investors more aligned with our goals and mission — they saw the opportunity for the team and what we’re building, and the traction we’ve had so far — and they took a chance on us. We’re pumped to have them on board.

I’m also incredibly proud that the round was primarily filled with local and regional money. We’ve long been vocal supporters of the greater Silicon Prairie, and at the heart of what we care about is building a very large, recognizable technology organization smack dab in the middle of the country.

So what’s this mean for Flywheel? The major focus now is building out a world-class team that can continue to build an amazing product, continue to keep our customers extremely happy, and continue to market in the quirky-yet-serious way that people have come to love. As we continue to grow, it’s this team that will allow us to continue to push the envelope and innovate in the managed WordPress hosting space.

It also means that we’re able to accelerate our ability to push product enhancements and features to our designer and agency customers. Already we’re seeing the benefit, with Bulk Plans launching today, and a number of other major product enhancements coming in the next few weeks.

So to our new investors — THANK YOU for believing in us.

To our customers who have been with us since the beginning — THANK YOU for sticking it out. You knew us when it was just three crazy guys building the WordPress hosting company that we would want to use. We promise you that we will do everything in our power to keep the things you love about us, and improve in the areas where we know we can.

To our new customers — WELCOME! If you’re just getting started with Flywheel, you’re joining at a very exciting time. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, submit suggestions, or just call to say hi. We’re here to help!

To our team — THANK YOU for being amazing. To say that we couldn’t have got this far without you is an incredible understatement. Thanks for helping to define the culture and the drive (and the inside jokes) that make me excited to show up every day.

And last but certainly not least to our significant others, our children, and family members — THANK YOU THANK YOU. Running a startup requires a crazy amount of dedication and time, much of which is spent in the office and not at home. Thanks for being so supportive.

There’s plenty more to come from Flywheel, as we’re just at the very beginning of the journey… rest assured we’re just getting started…