Fall Festival: A look into our Q4 retreat

Fall Festival: A look into our Q4 retreat

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The leaves started changing a few weeks back, which meant it was time for our quarter four all-company retreat where there were plenty of pumpkins and puns to go around. We tried some new things this time around, and of course, continued some retreat classics, too.

Monday brought our remote Flywheelers (Adam, Anand, Joey, and Sarah) back to Omaha! We appreciate the work they do around the world, but always love having them back in town to join in our festivities.

On Tuesday, our entire team cracked down on some all-company support, solving tickets and lending a hand wherever needed. We’d do anything for our superhero support team!


Wednesday we packed up and headed a few blocks south to Founders One Nine, our quarter four retreat venue.


We started the day off with a healthy breakfast of doughnuts (ok, there was fruit, too), and Dusty, our co-founder and CEO, talked about last quarter’s events as well as what our goals will be for next quarter. To top it all off, we also did some fun icebreakers that resulted in breakdancing!


Eric, one of our happiness engineers, is also a DJ in his spare time. His turntables set the tone for an awesome retreat!

Following lunch, everyone scrambled to get good seats to watch videos created by each department. This is always one of the most anticipated events of our retreats, and once again, they far exceeded our already lofty expectations!


After the day’s events, everyone met up at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch for a bonfire with family and friends. Turkey legs were gobbled, hotdogs were toasted, and a good time was had by all!


Then Thursday was Hack Day! Flywheelers split up into teams to make their innovative (and sometimes ridiculous) ideas a reality. From creating cardboard cutouts of our remote employees to helping with the interior design of our new office space to developing at-a-glance server checks, we accomplished a ton and had a blast working on projects outside of our normal to-do.



We also held our quarterly Fly Five Awards Ceremony where one Flywheeler was recognized for going above and beyond. This quarter’s winner was Ben, so naturally, we presented him with an oversized check for winning the “Flyest Five” award!


All in all, the quarter four retreat was a great success! We already can’t wait until January for the next one.