Flywheel in 2013

Flywheel in 2013

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2013 was an amazing year here at Flywheel. Of course, we’re just getting started, but this year is making us pretty excited to see what 2014 is going to bring. We can’t wait to continue to build and create a hosting platform designers can call their own. Here are some of our favorite moments of 2013:

1. We raised an angel round of funding in February

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2. This summer, we welcomed two interns to our team and made them do intern things like draw maps and carry boxes.

thing3 copy

3. Private and public beta periods. We forged relationships with so many of our amazing customers, and built Flywheel to be even better than it already was.

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4. We attended some really cool events like Big OmahaBarcamp Omaha, the Silicon Prairie News Awards and WordCamp Denver.

2013_0927_BCO_0254 copy

5. We spoke at some really cool events like 1 Million CupsNebraska UX and Pecha Kucha.

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6. Flywheel’s CEO and co-founder, Dusty, had a brand new baby that wears Flywheel onesies all the time 🙂

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7. We brought on a new team member–Bridget–as our content marketing coordinator to make videos, photos, Tweets and blog posts for us.

bridget copy

8. Flywheel’s public launch


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9. We successfully made it to Flywheel’s first birthday

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Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are without so much support from our amazing customers, families and friends, along with the Silicon Prairie community. We’re eager to see what 2014 will bring, and hope you come along for the ride.