Flywheel hits 50!

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Yes, you heard that correctly, we are now a company of 50 employees! This milestone is one we’ve been anticipating for months, yet we still can’t believe we’re finally here. Five new Flywheelers were welcomed to the team last week, bringing us to this monumental number.

Who are these new additions? Let’s get to know them!

2016.23.6 New Hires-0295

Zane Mulligan, Inside Sales Representative

Hobbies/interests? Photography, acoustic guitar, and traveling.

An item on your bucket list? Hike the Swiss Alps.

Favorite thing on the internet? Jordan Voth’s Photography.

2016.23.6 New Hires-0203

Liz Maloley, Customer Success Specialist

Hobbies/interests? Trying new recipes and restaurants, playing tennis, traveling, doing anything outside, discovering new music, and enjoying LOTS of coffee.

An item on your bucket list? Travel to every state in the U.S. and go skydiving.

Favorite thing on the internet? Healthy cooking blogs and Instagram.

2016.23.6 New Hires-0105

Lisa Schoenberger, Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Hobbies/interests? I love my rat terriers, scouring estate sales for vintage treasures, cooking, trying to become an adequate gardener, and I’m super into a great weekend nap.

An item on your bucket list? Take an Italian cooking class…IN Italy.

Favorite thing on the internet? That’s a really hard question, but off the top of my head, I’m going to say Etsy. I love the idea that creative people who make or find cool things can have a hobby business or a full-blown enterprise.

2016.23.6 New Hires-0244

John Hobbs, Software Engineer

Hobbies/interests? Poultry, gardening, and open source software.

An item on your bucket list? Visit Antarctica.

Favorite thing on the internet? Currently, :parrot:

2016.23.6 New Hires-0171

Jessica Spangler, Inside Sales Representative

Hobbies/interests? I love doing things outside, whether it’s relaxing on a beach or camping and hiking through the mountains.

An item on your bucket list? Go on an African safari.

Favorite thing on the internet? I’m a big fan of The Skimm for my daily news fix, but I can get lost on Pinterest for hours.