Flywheel Holiday Party 2015

Flywheel Holiday Party 2015

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It’s easy to see how much we’ve grown here at Flywheel — just take a look at the attendance numbers for our company holiday party. What started as a party of 8 people has grown into a group of 56, made up of 28 employees and a spouse, significant other, or friend of their choosing. In fact, this year was the last year we will be able to sit around a single table (and this one stretched the length of the entire new level of our office).

We decided to skip any restaurant plans and serve a true family-style dinner in the newest addition to our space. While this part of the office still has a full buildout ahead, it was a nice, rustic setting for our catered meal, which included braised pork and polenta, brussels sprout with bacon, and these little tomato slices with spinach dip and cheese on top that we will likely never, ever forget.

After that, we headed to the Brickway brewery (a pretty standard team hangout) to listen to the almost uncomfortably entertaining sounds of the Polka Police, a local band that features a guy playing an accordion while wearing a police uniform and short shorts.

All in all, the holiday party was the perfect occasion to celebrate our successes, draw tattoos on each other, take terrible photos, sing Macklemore’s “Downtown” at the top of our lungs, and share fancy cigars in the cold.

Happy holidays to you and yours, from the big, dysfunctional family here at Flywheel!