Expand your WordPress knowledge with the Flywheel + Interface Class

Expand your WordPress knowledge with the Flywheel + Interface Class

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The Internet is an excellent place to learn a new skill because there are millions of resources to access. But sometimes, learning is best done in a classroom setting. It’s helpful to have classmates who you can develop solutions with, resources that don’t exist solely on a screen, and an instructor you can turn to in times of back-end despair. More importantly, it’s helpful to have an instructor who actually does what you’re learning all day, instead of just teaching about it.

That’s why Flywheel is teaming up with the Interface Web School again to offer the PHP, MySQL, and WordPress course. The first class was such a success, we just couldn’t wait to do it again!

This class is a great opportunity for anyone interested in entering the web field or looking to further their web development skills. Thanks to the small class size (there were only 11 students last time) and the way course material builds upon itself each week, both beginners and those with a little more experience will find the course immensely useful for their careers.

Plus, it’s pretty cool that the instructor this time, Josh Collinsworth (not to be confused with Josh Lawler, the last instructor), is a graduate of the course. He was one of the 11 students in the last PHP, MySQL, and WordPress course, and now works at Flywheel as a happiness engineer.

“Interface was a fantastic experience for me. I had a great time in the course, I gained an amazing amount of knowledge, and I now have the skills and confidence to provide anything a client wants in WordPress development.” – Josh Collinsworth

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Needless to say, we’re pretty dang excited about this next session of the course. If you’d like to learn more about it or sign up, just head to the PHP, MySQL, and WordPress course page!