Four more Flywheelers

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Last week, we onboarded four new fantastic Flywheelers! Lauren, Dylan, Nick, and Michael joined our team, and we are so excited to work with them. Only a short time has passed, but they already feel like part of the Flywheel family. Let’s get to know these four new members!2016.8-1.1 New Hire Photo Shoot-Lauren

Lauren Singleton, People Ops Coordinator

Hobbies/interests? I enjoy running, trying new restaurants, lounging around with good company, and trying new beers!

Favorite thing on the internet? GOOGLE (obviously).

An item on your bucket list? Whale watching in South Africa and witnessing the Northern Lights in Greenland.

2016.8-1.1 New Hire Photo Shoot-Dylan

Dylan Baumann, Front End Engineer

Hobbies/interests? I play *a lot* of games (video, tabletop, you name it), and I recently started to learn cooking.

Favorite thing on the internet? I love blogs that are filled with way too much of one specific thing, like this one that is solely dedicated to low quality science fiction books from the 70s and 80s.

An item on your bucket list? Make the world a happier place.

2016.8-1.1 New Hire Photo Shoot-Nick

Nick Chickinelli, Product Designer

Hobbies/interests? Drawing, side projects involving art and design, reading, writing, watching, and hip-hop.

Favorite thing on the internet? Youtube, Podcasts, and watching content creators find their voice.

An item on your bucket list? Write and produce a short film.

2016.8-1.1 New Hire Photo Shoot-Michael

Michael Herold, Software Engineer

Hobbies/interests? Backpacking, reading, and gaming (video and board).

Favorite thing on the internet? Github – collaborating with people around the world is great and Github is so much better than Sourceforge ever was.

An item on your bucket list? I want to hike the whole Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which is 2650 miles long and runs from Mexico to Canada.

2016.8.1 New Hire Photo Shoot-4588

Welcome to Flywheel Michael, Nick, Lauren, and Dylan!