More happiness (engineers)

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Flywheel just got exponentially HAPPIER! We had four new Happiness Engineers join our team last week: Eric, Joey, Phil, and Sarah. They’re a spectacular bunch, and we’re so excited to introduce them!

2016.8.12 New Hire Photos-4643

Eric Swanson

Hobbies/interests? DJ-ing, learning, tech stuff, community involvement, and kids/family. I’m interested in the intangibles that make life awesome!

Favorite thing on the internet? Instagram, online record pools, and personal and unique websites.

An item on your bucket list? Meet Jazzy Jeff!


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Joey Teng

Hobbies/interests? My favorite hobbies include snowboarding, basketball, running, deep conversations, and some relaxing Tai Chi!

Favorite thing on the internet? This!

An item on your bucket list? See the Northern Lights.

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Phil Jarrett

Hobbies/interests? Photography, gardening, home restoration, bicycles, cooking, non-profits, film, bohemian leg wrestling, magnets, and the mystery of space.

Favorite thing on the internet? Pretty much every website that utilizes comic sans and music you can’t turn off.

An item on your bucket list? To write and produce a feature-length spaghetti-style western movie. My backup bucket-list item is to go one full calendar year without saying “you too” when a restaurant server tells me to enjoy my meal.

2016.8.12 New Hire Photos-4677

Sarah Sears

Hobbies/interests? Natural health (learning about ingredients and finding recipes both for food and for making my own skincare products) and films or TV shows that can keep me guessing.

Favorite thing on the internet? I keep going back to the Corrs MTV Unplugged concert on YouTube – lovely to listen to while I work.

An item on your bucket list? Here’s my bucket list!