How we celebrate anniversaries at Flywheel!

How we celebrate anniversaries at Flywheel!

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Here at Flywheel, we love to celebrate our accomplishments. But even more importantly, we love to celebrate the members of our Flywheel family! Besides monthly events like “Cake & Cocktails” (a.k.a. birthday parties), we love celebrating Flywheel anniversaries!

Around the office, you’ll spot some colored bottle caps decorating desks and computer screens. These little tokens of gratitude are our way of saying thank you and recognizing our awesome team for their number of years with Flywheel!


This year, over half of all Flywheelers are celebrating a year or more with the company, while some of the first few employees have already been here three or four years. That’s a lot of bottle caps hanging around the office 一 and we couldn’t be happier to have all these fine Flywheelers on the team!


Even though each Flywheeler acquires a new bottle cap on their anniversary, each hiring class treats their anniversary just a little differently. Some keep it casual while others really make an event out of it. One class even threw themselves a Flywheel birthday party, complete with birthday hats and cake (that was both eaten and smashed)!



It seems like just yesterday that we hit a major milestone of 50 employees, and the company has continued to grow so much since then! Needless to say, we’ve come a long way over the last few years, and we can’t possibly be more grateful for all our Flywheelers. We’re excited to continue celebrating growth, anniversaries, and bottle caps as the team continues to grow!