Nothing’s sweeter than new Flywheelers!

Nothing’s sweeter than new Flywheelers!

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Last week was one for the books. We launched a new feature (Simple SSL!), tried some new lunches, and best of all, welcomed some new hires to the team! So naturally, once they finished training, we decided to celebrate these four new Flywheelers by taking them out for ice cream. Let’s get to know them!


Melanie Phelan, Employee Experience Coordinator

Hobbies/interests? I love iced coffee – never will I drink it hot. I love Malawi, Africa, a LOT. I bake cakes in my spare time. I’m a closet nerd for medical books and documentaries. I enjoy a good Indy Car race, too, thanks to my dad. Time with my friends, particularly on a patio, is key. Elephants!
Favorite thing on the internet? I really like dreaming up interior spaces, so Pinterest (yes, I still pin) and sites like make my heart flutter. I think that comes from growing up in a family owned furniture business.
An item on your bucket list? I want to visit Ireland and see some family artifacts. I also want to own a bakery someday when I am old and like getting up at 4 a.m. Hah!


Caleb Ulffers, Events and Community Manager

Hobbies/interests? Fashion, health and fitness, traveling, hip hop, food, wine, whiskey, beer, cars, technology, console gaming, and board sports.
Favorite thing on the internet? Favorite is a stretch, but here are a few fun things:

An item on your bucket list? I want to hit all seven continents. (Five down, two to go.)


Aaron Hackworth, Happiness Engineer

Hobbies/interests? Video games, board games, cycling, disc golf, listening to music, and watching movies.
Favorite thing on the internet? Anything with corgis involved.
An item on your bucket list? Zip-line over a forest and do indoor skydiving.


Anand Shah, Happiness Engineer

Hobbies/interests? Spending time with family, meditation, cooking, and gardening.
Favorite thing on the internet?
An item on your bucket list? Solving the Rubiks Cube.


Welcome aboard, friends! We’re so happy to have you 🙂