The five qualities we look for in a future Flywheeler

The five qualities we look for in a future Flywheeler

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One of the driving forces behind the success of Flywheel is our relentless dedication to preserving our company culture and hiring talented, passionate people that share our values. With our recent funding announcement, our little Old Market office will be expanding a teensy bit quicker, and it’s incredibly important to us to establish and hold tightly to the top traits we look for in a new member of the Flywheel family.

Without question or hesitation, these are the five qualities that the hiring team at Flywheel looks for in any potential candidate, regardless of job position. Take a peek — and then let us know why we should hire you!

Impressiveness: We always leave the best interviews with a strong sense of, “Hot damn, that person is IMPRESSIVE.” Maybe it was their passion for their craft, their extensive knowledge base, or the fact that 45 minutes went by and we never glanced at our iPhones to check the time. Whatever the case may be, they left an impact on us, and we can hardly wait to make a formal offer!

Curiosity: As a startup, we know we’re a work in progress, and we embrace it wholeheartedly each and every day. We value that sense of humility in our humans, and we appreciate anyone who has a deep desire to learn and grow. We want to hire people who know when to ask great questions and how to seek out the answers for themselves.

Empathy: Self-centeredness doesn’t fly here! We want our thoughts and conversations to circulate around doing what’s best for our clients, our co-workers, and our company as a whole. We strive to understand each other and treat everyone as a unique, valuable part of our vision.

Optimism: Flywheel is fueled by positivity. We continually plan and strive for success, choose to contribute instead of criticize, and look to the future with an almost annoying amount of enthusiasm. We believe our work is meaningful, our purpose is present, our coworkers are incredible, and unbelievably amazing things will happen as a result of our hard work.

Passion: Whether you’re crazy about code, cats, customer service, craft beer, cameras, or company culture, we look for people who speak passionately about the things they care about. We truly love what we do each day, and know that if people have the capacity to care deeply about their work, the rest will take care of itself!

Ultimately, these five qualities come together help form our big, friendly, and maybe slightly dysfunctional Flywheel family. Whether it’s an impromptu karaoke session, a whimsical creative campaign, or a just special initiative to recycle all of our empty beer bottles, we hire people who make our space a better, brighter, and more brilliant place to be.

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