We heart designers…and each other!

We heart designers…and each other!

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We really use any excuse to celebrate, and for Valentine’s Day, we decided to propel the Fly Fam back to the past. We took the party back to our elementary roots with homemade valentines, mail-pails on every desk, candy strewn about the office, and decorative hearts hung all over the kitchen!

As 9 o’clock came and the team rolled in for their morning coffee, they discovered the crafting station and got to work on all sorts of handmade goodies. The chaos ensued when the team discovered the dog tattoos, conversation heart stickers, and glitter.

Some of you may be asking, “Why stop at valentines when you can have heart-shaped pizzas made and delivered for lunch?” We asked ourselves the same question and decided it was best to really go all out.

We care a lot about our remote employees and want them to feel loved too, even if they don’t get to celebrate with us in person. So, we got strategic. Weeks before the Tuesday morning surprise, we had the support team, developers, and product team make valentines for each of their remote co-workers so they could be sent all over the world.

And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without some beautiful flowers! One of our employees, Nathan Bliss, started Zinnia, a simplified way to buy flowers online. To support his local Omaha business and brighten up the day, employees purchased flowers to bring home to their significant others!

All in all, we like to share the love and had too much fun kickin’ it old school while putting heart stickers on our faces.

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