What it’s like to be an intern at Camp Flywheel

What it’s like to be an intern at Camp Flywheel

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be an intern at Flywheel? We asked some of our past interns (now full-time employees!), what it was like to spend their first summer at Camp Flywheel during the internship program. We got some fun insight, and we know you’ll be ready to join our troop after reading their responses!

First we talked to Keegan, who started at Flywheel as a project management intern. She worked with the development team to implement scrum into their process. She also changed the way the dev team worked by implementing sprints, planning sessions, and all-company demo days (now a regular part of life at Flywheel!).

“My favorite part of being an intern at Flywheel was getting to know people in so many different areas of the company. Since Flywheel is a small company, I had the opportunity to interact with people from many departments, such as support, marketing, and sales.” – Keegan


Next we talked with Kimberly, who started as a marketing intern with a specialization in photography. Her favorite aspect of Camp Flywheel was her first official day in the marketing department.

“I sat down with my department lead and she asked me what I wanted to work on for the duration of the summer. She showed genuine interest in why I was here, what I wanted to achieve with my time, and if I didn’t know what that looked like, she was more than willing to help shape the internship experience to be the best it could be.” – Kimberly


Kimberly is an awesome photographer outside of Flywheel, so she was elated when we asked her to bring her talents to the marketing department! She gets to spend her days being creative and letting her thoughts, ideas, and dreams be known. There’s not really a set formula to her days, but rather she works on a project-based schedule with fun, unexpected tasks in between.

“The day-to-day experience of the internship kept me on my toes and always ready for a new challenge – just the way I like it! What’s the fun in always knowing what to expect?” – Kimberly

Last we talked to Erin, who started her internship in our customer success department and then switched over to sales. She loves working with other talented individuals to solve challenging problems and believes Flywheel’s open work environment is the perfect setting to foster collaboration.

“My favorite part about being an intern at Flywheel is how much I’m treated like a full-time employee. Co-workers have even said, ‘I forget you’re an intern!’ to me, and being treated as an equal means a lot!” – Erin


Technically Erin is still an intern (soon to be starting as a full-time inside sales rep!), so we’re clearly part of the crew that forgets she’s still an intern, too! In such a short time, she’s already an integral part of the Flywheel family, and she’s already learned so much from her internship experience.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my internship? When you have a company full of dedicated, passionate, hard-working, and talented people, anything can happen!” – Erin

All in all, we care a lot about our internship program and strive to make Camp Flywheel the best experience possible for our interns.