What’s At Your Desk Wednesday: Josh Collinsworth!

What’s At Your Desk Wednesday: Josh Collinsworth!

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It’s where you house your belongings. It’s where you spend most of your day. It’s your little slice of home away from home. Yeah, we’re talking about your work desk! At Flywheel, each desk setup consists of a MacBook laptop and desk stand, a computer monitor, a wooden cubby, and a turquoise drawer. How, then, does each Flywheeler manage to make their square of real estate look so unique?!

What’s at your desk Wednesday is our new series about the quirky and unconventional things that can be found on people’s desks at Flywheel. This week’s star is our happiness engineer, Josh Collinsworth!

Whats at Your Desk Wednesday - Josh C-0318

Name: Josh Collinsworth

Department: Support 

Tell us about your desk: Most noticeably, I’ve got a Varidesk standing desk that I owned before I started at Flywheel, and highly recommend. Occasionally being able to stand up during the day helps me feel more energized and alleviates some neck pain from sitting in a chair all day.

Beyond that, I’ve got some books (mostly on design and development), plus several figurines of classic Nintendo figures, as well as a number of items (coasters, bookends, a stuffed cube, and Lego figures) from the Portal game series.

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I love classic Nintendo games for their creativity, both conceptually and developmentally. The original Mario, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda games are an amazing study in problem solving and doing a whole lot with very little. If you look in the cubby under my desk, you’ll see a Lego brick copy of a Mario sprite.

Portal is similar; it’s deep creative thinking mixed with sardonic humor and phenomenal presentation. I tend to think designers and developers can learn from any creative/artistic medium, which is part of why I have this fun stuff around.

Oh, and there’s almost always some combination of cold brew coffee, La Croix, and/or beer, just depending on the time of day.

Three words that describe your desk: Fun, flexible, and slightly dirty. (That counts, right?)

Whats at Your Desk Wednesday - Josh C-0332

What’s the weirdest thing at your desk? I have a sketchbook with the words “PEOPLE TO KILL” engraved in friendly gold letters on the front cover. I leave it sitting out on my desk. It’s fun to see people look at it warily and wonder if they should look inside it.

What’s your favorite thing at your desk? This is going to sound like a cop-out, but I really just enjoy working on building things on the web and chatting with my coworkers on Slack. And drinking a beer. That, too.

What name/title would you give your desk? Dirty Rock. (Because 30 Rock is my favorite TV show but my desk is almost always slightly cluttered or dirty in some way).

Anything else? There’s a picture of me and my wife, Erika, on our wedding day on my desk. It was 4+ years ago and I still have hair and don’t have a big beard like I do now. My teammates frequently express their disbelief that it’s actually me.

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