What’s At Your Desk Wednesday: Kimberly!

What’s At Your Desk Wednesday: Kimberly!

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It’s where you house your belongings. It’s where you spend most of your day. It’s your little slice of home away from home. Yeah, we’re talking about your work desk! At Flywheel, each desk setup consists of a MacBook laptop and desk stand, a computer monitor, a wooden cubby, and a turquoise drawer. How, then, does each Flywheeler manage to make their square of real estate look so unique?!

What’s at your desk Wednesday is our series about the quirky and unconventional things that can be found on people’s desks at Flywheel. This week’s star is our photographer, Kimberly Bailey!

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Name: Kimberly Bailey

Department: Marketing

Tell us about your desk: I’d like to call my desk a beautiful mess. I’m typically drinking coffee or La Croix while working, so it’s not unheard of to see a variety of coffee mugs and cans strewn about. In addition, I have a clipboard with photos that I change out once a week, a number of different colored confetti poppers, miscellaneous photo props left over from shoots, flowers (because DUH, they’re just so pretty), and of course, camera gadgets galore.

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Three words that describe your desk: Creative, cluttered, colorful.

What’s your favorite thing to do at your desk? My favorite thing to do at my desk is to put in some tunes and edit photos of the beautiful, hilarious, and amazing people I get to work with. And do the occasional DJ-ing on the Sonos system.