Check, check, check it out: Our brand new DNS Checker!

Check, check, check it out: Our brand new DNS Checker!

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Summer is winding down, but Flywheel’s engineering team is still what it’s all about. We’ve got a fresh round of updates for you, starting with our brand new DNS Checker!

This spiffy tool is now integrated right into your Flywheel Dashboard. We wanted to make it way easier to check if your DNS is pointed correctly at your Flywheel site, so we worked it into a one-stop shop right in the Domains card. You can see this magic in action by hovering over a domain in your Flywheel Dashboard and clicking “Check DNS Status.”

Up next on this world tour? Our fancy new invoice design! We redesigned them from the ground up to be easier to understand, nicer to look at, and faster to find the information you care about. You can see the show for yourself right in the Billing tab for a site.

And now for our encore….a nice round of bug fixes to keep our performance looking and feeling fresh! Here are just a few items that made the set list:

  • There was a minor hiccup where sometimes people in our Affiliate Program couldn’t access the great resources and banners that we made for them. Now you can find all the great virtual Flywheel swag you were looking for!
  • The Database Manager that we recently launched had a goofy bug where sometimes it didn’t like to upload a database file correctly. Seeing as that’s a pretty primary requirement of a database manager, we work, work, worked it out and everything is back to normal!
  • A few folks had issues uploading large files to our free migration form, and it didn’t really do anything to notify them of the problem. To help the show go on, not only did we make the form provide feedback if a file is too large, but we also raised the max upload limit to gigabytes!

Thank you, Features & Fixes! We love you! Good night!