Fixes: Crazy, stupid, love

Fixes: Crazy, stupid, love

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  • We spruced up the UI of our app, and gave our logo and brand a nice little makeover. It was pretty good to begin with, but it’s even better now. It’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute!
  • We’ve added WAY more info to our backup tab on your dashboard — now it tells you what time the backup was created, what WordPress version was in that backup, and the lyrics to Juvenile’s hit hip-hop song, “Back That Thang Up.” (Okay, maybe not that last part.)

  • We improved the display and the copy of Development Mode to better reiterate what it does and how it can impact the performance of your site. (Friendly neighborhood Flywheel reminder: Don’t leave Development Mode on any longer than necessary!)

  • We added a way to verify your new Flywheel user account from right inside our “Welcome to Flywheel” email, thus saving you a step and giving you extra time to work, or play, or daydream about starring in a musical with Ryan Gosling. (Because don’t we all?)

  • We added a way to dismiss the banner at the top of the Flywheel dashboard, so you can read it (or not, I guess, if you don’t want to) and make it go away with a quick click of an “X” button.

  • If a customer let Flywheel randomly generate a domain name for them (like “”), there was a small chance that domain was already in use, which would cause their brand new site to act a little funky. We fixed that up, so no one can accidentally duplicate URLs anymore.

  • When customers enabled multisite, there was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny chance that they could add features to the site that didn’t play nicely with multisite. We fixed that bug, so now you can’t enable things that don’t work, which is pretty thoughtful of us, right?!

  • Updated our “New Site” form to show what data center your bulk plan is in — before you had to guess, which wasn’t helpful at all. Was it in Indiana? The Cayman Islands? Area 51? You wouldn’t know. But now, you will!

  • We renamed “Password Protection” to “Privacy Mode”, because it made WAY more sense, and updated some of the copy so everybody will have a better understanding of what it does.

  • There was a small bug where if a person followed a link to buy a bulk plan, they wouldn’t be able to login with their current Flywheel account to check out. It’s a really bad business plan to not allow customers to spend their money with us, so we went ahead and patched that up!