Fixes: Flywheel Red Carpet

Fixes: Flywheel Red Carpet

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Welcome to the First Annual Flywheel Academy Awards, brought to you by Nissan Truck Month. We’ve got four tremendous awards coming up tonight, so let’s jump right in.

“Best Bug Fix for Members of an Organization” goes to:

The warning box that now properly shows up when you remove a member of your organization!

Before, when removing a person from your organization, it would just show a blank box. While certainly a great meta-commentary on the futility of truly “removing” someone from your life, it doesn’t make for a great experience. Now it properly explains what’s going to happen!

“Best Design Work That We Really Hope You Never Actually See in Action” goes to:

Our brand new Error Pages!

We spent some time making fancy new error pages for both your sites and our customer dashboard so they match our delightful brand colors, typefaces, and overall design. We also made some tweaks to error pages that could appear on your own sites so that Flywheel branding doesn’t show up and confuse your website visitors.

“Most Convenient Improvement to Something Small” goes to:

The new Privacy Mode banner on the dashboard!

It now includes a link when Privacy Mode is active that jumps you directly to the control panel – there you can change your password or toggle Privacy Mode on or off.

Finally, the winner of “Thing That Everyone Desperately Wanted but Wasn’t Sure the Day Would Ever Actually Come” goes to:

La La…




Local for Windows is officially in beta!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite local development app is now available for our friends using Windows 7 and above. Just head on over to our snazzy webpage for Local by Flywheel and grab it for free today.