Fixes: Flywheel’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Morgan Smith's Layout avatar

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe it’s 2017 already – we’re still writing <min-width: 2016px> on all our checks. To kick off the new year, here are a few shiny new updates to the Flywheel app!

  • Dig your party hats out of the trash can and finish off that two week old champagne, because Flywheel is now responsive! You can interact with the entire dashboard and manage all your sites from the comfort of your favorite mobile device.
  • Grab the closest person and give them a kiss, because Flywheel’s customer dashboard is now compatible with screen readers! We take accessibility seriously, and want all of our customers, regardless of what visual impairments they may have, to be able to use our platform. This is a huge first step, and we’ll continue making improvements to support accessibility in the future. NOTE: Do not actually grab the closest person and give them a kiss. Maybe a high five, instead?
  • We watched the ball drop on 2016 and decided we should do the same to old security standards. Flywheel will now pass PCI compliance tests by default, and no longer supports TLS versions older than 1.2. You can learn more about this change here.
  • Looks like we forgot to do a soundcheck before shipping our updated migration form off to Rockefeller Center and ended up with the same copy for two different kinds of migrations. We’ve fixed that right up so you can get back to taking advantage of our free (!!!) migrations!

That wraps up our first Features & Fixes of 2017, but be sure to keep an eye in the top right corner of your dashboard for more awesomeness coming soon.