Fixes: Free and almost *flawless* SSL

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  • WE LAUNCHED *****FREE SSL***** and with it came a few itsy bitsy problems, as one would expect with a shiny new feature launch. We patched up two key issues: one, where the www version of a domain wasn’t covered by Simple SSL (it is now!), and two, where people using CloudFlare weren’t able to enable Simple SSL (also fixed)! We’ll continue to keep an eye out for any problems that would make our Simple SSL feature not simple, because “Complicated SSL” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
  • Blueprints wasn’t correctly replacing the URL when you created the site, which is kind of like moving apartments and hosting Thanksgiving dinner and then accidentally sending your friends and family to the old location, and then you’re sad and alone and you don’t have any gravy or turkey or stuffing. We’re directing you to the correct server now, though!
  • Up until today, affiliates only had the ability to link to certain articles/resources from the basic domain; now, affiliates can link to a bunch of our other resources that live on our other URLs, so they can share our swanky ebooks, clever copy, embarassing baby photos, that one video where we dance in a conga line, and potentially anything else they can find on our Flywheel sites.
  • We also got rid of a problem that made editing affiliate information impossible (the page would just error out). We’ve eliminated that issue just as fast as a Dancing with the Stars contestant you’ve never heard of.