Fixes: Stats, staging, and superheroic SFTP

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  • Bet you didn’t know our Stats feature was still in beta! After a long wait during which a bunch of other things took priority (we certainly didn’t forget about it, definitely not, nope), we promptly reviewed Stats and launched it to the world in its radiant, statistically significant, form.
  • We added a canonical link element that allows search engines to correctly index CDN content to your main URL. TL;DR: If your site’s running a CDN, it’s now getting extra SEO brownie points! We know how much you worked on those beautiful blog posts, so we’ve checked and double-checked to make sure they’re getting all of the attention they deserve.
  • Two is better than one, right? That’s why we added support for child domains to our Simple SSL feature, so now you’re covered on both versions of the URL. For example, if you installed Simple SSL on “”, you’re now also covered under “”. And because we know you’re curious, yes, that is a real URL that we own, and yes, it’s always a party. Check it out!
  • Silly staging sites sometimes thought they were on the wrong version of WordPress. We squashed that bug, and in doing so, have returned peace and unity back to the world (well, at least to that area of our platform).
  • We decided it was about time we speed up SFTP, so our developers completed a major rebuild to boost performance. In a classic tale of zero to hero, it’s now the Flash of SFTP! New sites will show up faster, you can give collaborators access faster, everything is just superhero-fast now.