Fixes: They’re ir-Reese-istable

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Listen up, Nerds! We went on a coding Spree that will make you want to give us a Kiss and call us Smarties. We’re on a time Crunch, though, so let’s get down to the highlights so you can get back to building awesome websites and (maybe?) make 100 Grand on Payday.

  • We heard a few Snickers about our support system, so we launched in-app help and ticketing! No more will you have to send an email when you have questions. Now you can also do it right from the help page on your Flywheel dashboard. That’s enough to make even your grumpy grandpa a Jolly Rancher.
  • We noticed a few rough edges with the recent launch of our responsive dashboard. We don’t like seeing bugs, so 3 Musketeers from our front-end team performed some magic Twix, and now those menus look nicer than 5th Avenue during Christmas.
  • A few people noticed that members of Organizations were having trouble clicking links in the database manager. We want Organizations to be the best thing on this side of the Milky Way, so we went on a Fast Break and fixed all those….Whatchamacallits…bugs!

There are Mounds more cool things we’re working on that will be ready soon, so be sure to Rollo-ver the Profile dropdown when you see there’s a new post to stay up to date! We promise that we’ll try to Reese-ist making more candy jokes.