Flywheel Bulk Plans!

Flywheel Bulk Plans!

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The day is finally here: We’re thrilled to be able to offer bulk pricing, an option that will really enhance the Flywheel experience for a lot of our customers.

Cool. What are bulk plans?

Our customers used to have to pay for all their Flywheel sites individually. But now that we’ve launched our bulk plans, you can pay for all your sites on Flywheel with one bill. Neat, right? Oh, and the price-per-site is lower. We were pretty sure you’d like that part.

A bulk plan is perfect for someone managing lots of sites

Bulk plans are particularly excellent solutions for three types of Flywheel users: agencies, resellers, and people with a bunch of sites.

  • If you work at an agency: Agencies that are churning out tons of sites every year can purchase a bulk plan in advance and add client or internal sites as they build new projects. This way, you can launch new sites on Flywheel when you’re ready to start designing without having to worry about demo sites expiring or getting multiple bills.
  • If you’re a reseller: If you include hosting in your client service packages, you might want to get in on our bulk plans. They lower the price per site, allowing you to meet your margins. We still manage all of the technical details that go into hosting fast and secure WordPress sites, so you get to provide a stellar hosting solution for clients without the extra work.
  • If you have a bunch of sites: For any number of reasons, some people just have a lot of sites. With a bulk plan, you can share the traffic and disk limitations across all your sites while still having dedicated resources specifically for you.

You can check out the prices for each type of bulk plan and find out more about what each plan includes on our pricing page.

Still have questions? Shoot us a note at [email protected] or hit us up on Twitter. We’d love to help!