Flywheel plugin enhancement

Flywheel plugin enhancement

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In the last few months, our support team has seen a surge in slow plugin update issues for some customers on the Flywheel Cloud Platform. This could potentially lead to customers experiencing elongated development cycles, increased toil, and lost trust in the Flywheel Platform for something that should just work!


The Flywheel Cloud Platform (FCP) has many advantages in terms of scalability, availability, and redundancy! This plugin update issue was, unfortunately, an unknown side effect of this new architecture. The Flywheel Platform Engineering team has been diligently spearheading efforts to mitigate the issue and solve the problem customers are seeing with very slow plugin updates.


We are now beta testing an enhancement that allows for the plugin updating process to utilize multiple threads, based on our research of the core issue. Early in our tests, updating single and multiple plugins with this enhancement enabled, have shown a reduction in update times by over 50%! 

We believe this will be a huge win for our customers! Once we go live with a GA release, it will just work.

What’s Next

We are being intentionally cautious with this enhancement and thoroughly beta testing before releasing widely to all customers. Once we have had time to analyze the performance and understand if there are any ill effects, we will broaden the availability of the enhancement. We are currently on track to have the enhancement available to all customers with the goal of general availability in January 2021. If you would like to join the beta group, contact us!