Keep your sites flying with Performance Insights

Keep your sites flying with Performance Insights

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Flywheel’s cloud hosting platform makes your site fly! But even with an amazing host, front-end details can often slow your site down.

So, our performance experts created an Add-on that highlights where your site is performing well and tells you how to speed things up. Using Performance Insights, you’ll be able to ensure you’re capitalizing on every visitor by serving up the fastest content possible!

Here’s what you get with Performance Insights

Performance metrics unique to your host

Getting all the metrics you need in one place to measure site health isn’t easy, but with Performance Insights, you’ll have reports sent straight to your inbox and be able to run them on demand. We’ll comb through your site and give you key information such as load time, time to first byte, and the number of network requests, just to name a few! You can also use our technology to see caching performance and platform data that only Flywheel can provide! 

Actionable insights with expert recommendations

We know it can be hard to know where to start when fixing performance issues, so we’re serving up intelligent recommendations to improve your site’s performance. With these insights, you’ll know exactly what improvements can be made and how to tackle them. It’s like having one of our experts looking over your shoulder and guiding you through the next steps!

Historical trends

Optimizing performance isn’t a one-time thing. That’s why we created charts to view trends and track your site’s behavior over time. Easily compare the data to previous reports to highlight troublesome patterns affecting your sites’ performance so you can respond quickly if you see a slowdown. 

“Flywheel’s Performance Insights have helped Path Interactive effectively monitor the ongoing speed of over 60 websites. Offering vital ‘at a glance’ statistics and detailed reports that ensure optimized performance for our clients’ sites. Flywheel’s recommendations offer great insights for improving efficiency to get optimal load times from their hosting platform.”
– Mark Davoli Senior Web Developer Path Interactive

We’re super excited to share Performance Insights with you! Keep an eye out for more Add-ons coming your way in 2020. It’s going to be an exciting year for our customers.

To get started with Performance Insights, click here or simply log in and click on the “Add-ons” tab at the top of the dashboard.