Product Update: New Add-ons!

Enhance your plan with new Add-ons!

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Since Flywheel was created, we’ve been on a mission to help you spend less time managing WordPress sites and more time doing the work you enjoy. Today, we’re excited to share that we have three brand new add-on services to help you enhance your hosting plan and offload even more work to our team!

1. Plugin Updates

Offloading this tedious task has been one of the most requested features in the history of Flywheel, and we’re unbelievably proud to say it’s finally a reality. Each month, our team will update any plugins on your site with a new version. If anything breaks, we’ll roll the update back. Once we’re finished, we’ll package up a report so you can know exactly what we did and why we did it!

2. Performance Insights

While the Flywheel Cloud Platform will automatically make your sites pretty speedy, there are lots of small details on the front-end that can slow things down. With Performance Insights, our talented team of performance experts will offer their best advice to make things even faster for your site. They’ll provide a bite-sized summary with actionable data and highlights once a month. 

3. Security Audits

Like site performance, while the Flywheel Cloud Platform is inherently secure, there are a number of things that you, as the site owner, can do to keep hackers away. With Security Audits, our WordPress experts will share their best advice for your sites so you can rest easy knowing everything is safe and sound!