PHP 7.4 is now supported on Flywheel

PHP 7.4 is now supported on Flywheel

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In our continued efforts to offer the latest technologies on our platform, we’re announcing support for PHP 7.4! As of this week, all new sites on Flywheel will use PHP 7.4. 

This is an incremental release with benefits to Flywheel customers on both our Cloud and Legacy platforms. Sites upgrading from PHP 7.2/7.3 to 7.4 can see increases in performance and also stay up to date as previous versions expire. As always, keeping up with the latest PHP version guarantees you’ll have the latest feature set and avoid security vulnerabilities. 

One specific item to mention that makes this release a little different is our stance on supporting Ioncube within our platform. Flywheel has supported Ioncube with previous versions of PHP via our support team, but for the time being, we will not support it in our deployment of PHP 7.4 until Ioncube releases a PHP 7.4 production-ready system. Any sites currently using Ioncube will not be upgraded to PHP 7.4 but instead, remain on PHP 7.3 until a release has been made.

We’re expecting to roll out PHP 7.4 updates to existing sites in the second half of 2020. If you’d like to upgrade before then, just let our support team know and we’ll get your site set up.