Revving up your site with PHP 7.1

Revving up your site with PHP 7.1

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Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight to the steering wheel, because Flywheel has a great new performance update for you starting today: PHP 7.1!

We’re super excited to offer PHP 7.1 as the default for all new sites on Flywheel! This free update can be up to twice as fast as older versions of PHP and gets your site on one of the latest and greatest web technologies. Plus, it comes along with a big batch of other turbo-charged performance and security improvements that’ll make your site better than ever! You can read all about it on Layout.

As of today, all new Flywheel sites are being created using PHP 7.1. We’ll begin automatically upgrading all existing sites starting August 1st. If you’d like to get ahead of the race and upgrade your site now, you can submit a support request right here in the dashboard – just select “PHP 7 Upgrade” in the category dropdown!

*Note: In order for your upgrade to run flawlessly, please ensure all your plugins and themes are up to date!