A day in the life: Support Team

A day in the life: Support Team

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They’re the ones we call in times of distress, the problem solvers, who are always calm in the face of malware. They are– the Support Team!

Curious how they pull it all off? Here’s a glimpse of a typical day in the life of our highly respected customer support heroes.

9:00 a.m. – Time to set up shop. Megan plugs in her computer, and sets up several desktops (one for each migration she’ll be working on simultaneously). The different screens help with efficiency, as each step of the migration process can take a little time. This enables Megan to swipe between screens and work on multiple migrations while waiting for others to finish. Talk about productive!untitled-98279:15 a.m. – The daily standup meeting is in session. All members of the support team gather around in a circle to divvy up the websites that need migrating or the problems that need solving. This helps everyone stay organized and in the loop.untitled-985310:00 a.m. – The department is in full swing. Preston cracks down on Tier 2 support tickets, which are highly technical issues that are not commonly seen. Such problems may require some unique tools and a high-level knowledge of specific products and WordPress. “You also must be really good looking, and have a beard,” says Preston.untitled-984811:00 a.m. – Derek G is hard at work cleaning sites that have been infected with Malware (a service that Flywheel provides to its customers for free). He is the only Happiness Engineer that does this, and he’s awesome at it! When Derek needs a break from battling those hackers, he can usually be found taking a short walk to get coffee or hanging around the beer fridge. His current favorites are Saisons, or Double IPAs for those really tough days! (Don’t worry, the beer break comes later in the day!)untitled-864312:00 p.m. – Bryan is making some daily laps around the office on his favorite scooter. He is currently on phone support, and his headset enables him to answer calls in a moment’s notice  even while scootering around!untitled-86611:00 p.m. – It’s time for an impromptu Nerf war! Nothing like getting socked in the back of the head with a foam bullet to keep you on your toes. Luke is known for keeping a stash of Nerf darts on his desk for moments like this, and Johnny is known for his double-handed sneak attack!untitled-87392:00 p.m. – It goes without saying that our Support Team loves to have fun. After solving a tricky support ticket, T-Rave adds a silly gif to the message notifying the customer that their problem is solved. Who says work and play have to stay separate?!untitled-87603:00 p.m. – The song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen comes on, and the department breaks out in song. (This also happens when “I believe in a thing called love” by The Darkness plays over the office Sonos.) You’d never guess it, but they’re a VERY musical team!

4:00 p.m. – It’s time for a little break. “I’ll walk to the kitchen to find either coffee or beer and sometimes a Three Musketeers. And if someone is down to have a chat when I’m there, even better!” – Johnuntitled-86925:00 p.m. – It is not unusual to find members of the team staying a little late to finish things up. They’re so unbelievably dedicated that it’s also not unusual for customers to send them gifts for being awesome, like these delicious chocolates. Bryan and the team loved them!Bryan receives chocolate!-8775This is what a day in the life of our Support Team looks like! Stay tuned for more of Flywheel’s department adventures. Cheers!