Screenshot showing the appearance of the Flywheel Growth Suite option in the WP Engine User Portal

Growth Suite Expands Availability to WP Engine Customers

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Growth Suite, Flywheel’s all-in-one hosting solution for agencies and freelance developers, is now available to all customers on WP Engine’s managed WordPress platform! 

If you’re an existing Flywheel customer or using Growth Suite on the Flywheel platform, this will not affect you or your experience! This launch simply extends the powerful functionality of Growth Suite to customers who currently use WP Engine, or who are interested in powering their larger agency footprint on WP Engine’s platform.

Providing WP Engine’s customers with the ability to tap into Flywheel Growth Suite’s extensive toolset, all while ensuring optimal performance, took months of planning and preparation across multiple teams. 

After initial preparations, the Flywheel Growth Suite team officially launched an Alpha phase of testing over the summer. During this phase, approximately 20 WP Engine customers began using the new version, putting the all-in-one suite of agency tools to use for select clients while providing valuable feedback to assist with final QA. 

The Alpha phase went smoothly, and quickly, due in large part to effective pre-planning and exceptional participation from Alpha users. After only a few weeks, all WP Engine customers using the Alpha version were satisfied that all issues had been properly resolved and the product was operating as intended. The Flywheel Growth Suite team agreed and set course towards General Availability. 

As of today, September 1, all WP Engine customers can take full advantage of the optimized, all-in-one agency hosting tools you can only find with Flywheel Growth Suite!

What’s next for Growth Suite?

Our product teams will continue to innovate with Growth Suite, taking feedback from our customers to build a solution that truly meets the needs of agencies from small to large.

If you have feedback you think would help our teams improve the Growth Suite for all of its users, please let us know by submitting feedback here!