Log in to WordPress from the Flywheel dashboard with Seamless Login

Log in to WordPress from the Flywheel dashboard with Seamless Login

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Flywheel makes it easier than ever to access your sites’ WordPress admin dashboards with a slick new feature — Seamless Login! With the click of a button, you can securely log in directly to WordPress from the Flywheel dashboard. 

If you’re managing multiple sites, say goodbye to insecure lists of login and passwords! Seamless Login saves you time and hassle when it comes to remembering usernames and passwords for each site now that it’s auto-populated in your Flywheel dashboard.

Simply click the WP Admin button in the corner of your site page to automatically log in to WordPress.

How does it work?

When clicking the WP Admin button, Flywheel attempts to log in to WordPress using the same email you use for your Flywheel account. If they match, you’ll be logged in automatically!

If no user with that email address exists, we’ll create a new WordPress account using the same email address and username on your Flywheel account. WordPress will then send an email with a link asking you to set a password for this new WordPress admin account.

If the username is unavailable, you will automatically be redirected to the /wp-admin login screen.

This WordPress account and password created for you will work like any other WordPress account or login system. You can use the one-click WP admin button in your Flywheel dashboard or, with a few extra clicks, manually log in to WordPress with those same credentials.

For more information check out our help doc!