Introducing new client management tools for White Label

Introducing new client management tools for White Label

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White Label, our client billing platform, was created to help you streamline your services and scale your business. Today, we’re proud to announce a great new set of features that will give you more visibility and help you manage your billing relationship with your clients! Check them all out below:

Client overviews

The most popular request we received for White Label was the ability to update a customer’s payment method and email address. After digging deeper, we found that what everyone really needed was a way to see a client and all of their information in White Label. So now, you’ll find all of this info (and the ability to update it!) right in the dashboard.

From the client overview, you can:

  • View all of a client’s subscriptions
  • Create new subscriptions for them
  • View the client’s billing history, refunds, and cancelation reasons across all subscriptions
  • Edit the client’s profile
  • Add or replace an active payment method

View all your clients in White Label

In your White Label dashboard, you’ll see a new tab called “Clients” where you can search and view all your client sites and subscriptions!

Search for client sites

For everyone that manages a large number of subscriptions, finding a specific subscription used to be a bit of a challenge. To make that easier, we’ve added the ability to search to both the “Subscriptions” and “Clients” tabs!

In addition to the search feature located in the header of each page, you can now search across all your White Label sites by either site name or domain name. Your dashboard will automatically update based on your search, making finding the right site even easier!

Resend a billing invite

If your client misses the first billing invitation, no problem! You can now resend a billing invite. Or if you need to revoke the request, you can open the subscription and use the gear icon to revoke the invitation.

We released White Label in 2017 to give freelancers and agencies the tools they need to scale their business with Flywheel. After working with beta customers for the past year, we’ve released a number of product updates targeted at helping you do your best work. This includes features like re-usable services to speed up your workflow, support for international currencies, customizable billing periods, and one-time charges to track and bill those one-off requests. (You can read more about those White Label features here!)

As always, we have more to come! We hope you enjoy these new client management features in White Label, and if you have any questions, you can contact our support team from your Flywheel dashboard.